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Project Management

Integrated Business Solutions (Bahamas) Ltd is an international multi-disciplined IT solutions provider and consulting services company.

Project Management

We support all of the IT and software development projects we undertake with experienced project management personnel and a structured process. Additionally, we also manage projects for our clients where third-party software developers are leading the project. Our clients can be assured that we deliver what is expected on time and within budget. We have an experienced team of project managers available to work with each of our clients.

Depending on the nature and complexity of the project, we prepare preliminary design documents, workflow diagrams, and project plans. We also prepare complete technical specifications, functional and database maps, and descriptions for approval and validation. Our clients are included in every step of the custom software development process through all its phases, from the beginning to the final testing and deployment phases.

Project Workflow

At IBS we have established an online workflow process that allows us to work with a client anywhere in the world. All that is required is that the client has access to email and the Internet. We have found that leveraging the power of the Internet saves time and money, and improves efficiency. As needed, IBS team representatives can meet with a client in person.

Below is an overview of our client engagement and project execution process. Specific steps may or may not be included depending on the complexity of the project.

  • IBS selects a project manager to work directly with the client for the life of the project
  • We define the specific project with respect to complexity, scope, costs, and timeline for delivery
  • Initial designs and workflow diagrams are created, and provide to the client for review and approval
  • The development phase is initiated, and a prototype is delivered to the client for review and approval
  • A beta design is delivered to the client site for testing and approval
  • The release candidate design is delivered to the client for final approval, testing, and launch

The basic framework of this workflow process is also used to mange projects undertaken by third-party developers where IBS represents the interest of our clients.

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